Men and women are different. This is the starting point for Politigirl, but it's also the starting point for life. If they weren't different, nature, that waste-loathing tyrant, would have made one gender. This is not what feminism taught me. They said that despite physical differences, men and women psychologically were the same. This flies in the face of much research and more importantly what we all see on a daily basis. 

If we understand gender differences and take look at the world around us, we see clearly the parts made by women and the parts made by men. When I look I see the imbalance of power between men and women reflected in the world. 

Despite all the gains made by the male drive, there is more poverty than there needs to be, more crime, more suffering, and more injustice. I believe that restoring that balance of power and putting women on equal footing with men would do wonders for these issues. 

And here we are. Politigirl is a tangible way to get there - a tool to help women take over public life. Power in business is firmly in the hands of men. The same holds for governments around the world, but I believe that it is government that provides women the best chance of correcting the imbalance - not just because they can more easily gain power, but also because public life is the arena most suited to women's nature. Public life is where women have naturally flourished for all of our history. 

Anthropologists are showing us that they flourished as social leaders even before history, back in a time where men and women were equals. 

Technology, as always, is the road the oppressed drive on to power. Politigirl is a new car. There is much to do, and in time, we'll improve it. I hope you have a pleasant drive and I hope it takes us all, men and women, to where we want to go.