Women in the 2016 Election - a look at the numbers

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House, it will be a major win for women all over the world. But let us not forget there are 540 other federal elections in America this November and if all the women  win their elections, we’ll have 34% of Congress in the hands of women – up from the current 19%. If you expect only a Democrat or a Republican to win, then women can get a max of 30% of Congress.

Here is a look at some of the numbers:

The current number of women in office breaks down as follows:

Senate: 20 women, 80 men; 20% women, 80% men

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Paid Maternity Leave

One of the most important things in the world is good child care. Women, and men for that matter, need to be able to take off from work without losing pay and without being penalized for taking time off to care their their children. But the burden can't fall on companies, it will have to be paid for by government. Yes, government. Your tax dollars pay for roads and sanitation as integral parts of the country's infrastructure, and so it must pay for stable families as part of the country's infrastructure.

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